Maritime Law

Lin & Associates provides a variety of services relating to shipping documents and shipping disputes in maritime business.  Our clients include shipowners, ship operators, charterers, underwriters, P&I clubs, shipping agents, and port authorities etc..  The principal scope of business includes: bills of lading; contract of affreightment; charterparties; damage to cargo of all types (sea, land, and air carriage); advice to marine insurers; vessel mortgages; sale, purchase, shipbuilding and repair contracts; and dock damage.


Lin & Associates with abundant practical and legal experience, often attends to handling various kinds of marine accidents and provides field and comprehensive advice on both technical and legal issues.  The areas of practice includes: ships collision, contact and grounding; salvage and removal of sunken ship and wreck; oil pollution and environmental damage; personal injury and loss of life; limitation of liability; arrest of ship; and pilotage.


Lin & Associates has solid knowledge and rich experience in dealing with disputes in connection with marine insurance.  It not only appraises and advises on insurance terms and P&I agreement, but also studies in depth difficult issues relating to marine insurance.  We also deal with non-marine insurance.  Our service is extended to insurance for air transportation, liability insurance and other types of insurance.  Insurance disputes we attend to solve include: cargo insurance; hull insurance; P&I insurance; reinsurance; war risks insurance; insurance recovery claim.

Ship finance

Lin & Associates organizes multi-party cooperation involving shipping companies, banks and other financing companies.  It also engages in the financing of ship building, purchase & sale of ships on behalf of lessees, operators and financial circle, and takes part in relevant negotiation, makes documents and handles disputes relating thereto in areas including: shipbuilding; ship purchase & sale; ship mortgage; ship repair, reconstruction and scraping; financing loan.

International trade

Lin & Associates provides to trading companies, banks and other organization commercial law service relating to international trade.  In addition to resolving disputes, it has been taking an active part in providing prophase legal appraisal, examining contract and making documentation to all kinds of trading transactions, so as to prevent disputes from arising in areas including: international trade; letter of credit; international investment; customs and commodity inspection; antidumping and tactics; international trade arbitration; e-commerce.